Olympia Thai Tower


There's ample breathing space in Thailand's first




The Olympia Thai Tower

This 'Intelligent building' was built using the latest advances in construction technology and employing hi-tech materials for the health, comfort, safety and convenience of its occupants. Environmentally-friendly, the Olympia Thai Tower conserves energy and has a state-of-the-art fire protection and warning system. Unique to Thailand, the air-conditioning system delivers excellent air quality thanks to three-stage air filtration system, while it provides relative humidity ranges optimized for health, being lowered to 50 percent and thus helping to eliminate bacteria that flourish in more humid air. It also allows tenants to set their preferred comfort temperature, while the amount of cool air is adjusted automatically to maintain this level, regardless of the number of occupants or outside temperatures. Located on Ratchadapisek inner ring road, the 23-storey Olympia Thai Tower lies in the heart of Bangkok's newest business district while the entrance to the building connects with the MRT station. Built with safety, security, efficiency, comfort and convenience uppermost in its designers' minds, the three-stage air filters mean that Olympia Thai Tower has air that is among the cleanest air in Bangkok.

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